Hello followers! I’m Ellie Mason (Elisabeth) and I am the Owner/Founder of ECO Clean Ellie’s. I would like to start out by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my small business!! I am abundantly grateful for this opportunity to present myself and tell you a bit about my background. I am a single Mother of an AMAZING 23-year-old son, the sole daughter of an AMAZING man who raised me solo for my entire life. I love providing quality service to all of our cleaning families!! I have been in the professional cleaning business for 9 years officially. My late Mother and my Aunt had a cleaning service and I decided to take the adventure on!! Covid presented a unique set of circumstances for everyone and I decided to take the opportunity to do what I love and help many people. I am a survivor of the disease of addiction. I spent many years of my life unsure of my purpose and unable to cope with the many demands of life. The year 2020 will forever be a year of remembrance for many of us. In 2020 I found my calling after 6 years of sobriety. A bit of background on my life…from 2003 to 2015 I had 16 surgeries. I became addicted to Oxy-Contin in 2005 and it nearly destroyed my life. I joined the AA group and after 4 years of constant study and soul searching, I found my place in this crazy world. I have a very sad yet joyous story to tell and I am an open book. I am a firm believer in second chances and I am eternally grateful for EVERY SINGLE SOUL who believed in my mission and my character. I have struggled and worked extremely hard to become the woman, mother, daughter, friend and now boss to everyone I meet. My company did not just happen. I am a firm believer in love, hope, and faith, not luck or circumstance. I had something to prove to society because I owed EVERYONE who loves me, knows me, or has heard about me an OUTSTANDING reference!! I have survived, struggled, and been abundantly blessed and I show it by providing honest, quality service to every family and business that employs ECO Clean Ellie’s. I have nothing to hide. I have made many mistakes and poor decisions in my lifetime, however, we ALL deserve a second chance on our circumstances if we believe in the human race and most importantly ourselves. My soul purpose on this blessed journey is to provide honest work, LIVING WAGE jobs, appreciation for my dedicated employees, exceptional service, family, and all-around love to our community. I have worked very hard on myself and now I am passing on my hard work to my many valuable employees. We strive daily to go above and beyond to allow every individual the peace of home. Once again, THANK YOU to my AMAZING team of loyal, dedicated employees and to the many families we provide peace of mind too. ECO Clean Ellie’s is a judgment-free company. We will always keep your home in your home. Confidentiality, respect, and community service are our humble mission.