When you add up all of the houses, apartments, condos, and other arrangements people make, there are around 142 million housing units across the US. These different living situations can vary wildly in terms of storage, square footage, and amenities.

Yet, something found in nearly all of them is a kitchen. Unless you eat every single meal out, that kitchen is an ongoing source of work.

Dishes pile up. The stove top gets greasy. You spill things on the counters.

If keeping your kitchen clean feels like a challenge you can’t defeat, keep reading for five kitchen cleaning tips that will help you stay ahead of the work.

1. Declutter

While you don’t see new kitchen appliances coming out all of the time, the list of them gets longer and longer. Some of the common small appliances you see include:

  • Coffee makers
  • Toasters
  • Blenders
  • Multicookers
  • Bread machines
  • Stand mixers
  • Waffle makers

Plus, there’s nothing exotic in that list. All of these appliances need a home and, frequently, they take up counter space.

Consider getting rid of a few that you don’t use often. It makes cleaning and organizing easier.

2. Clean as You Go

There are some meals where you must stand over the stove the entire time you cook. Far more often, though, you have stretches of time where things just simmer or bake.

Use that time to clean as you go. Wash cutting boards and utensils during those moments. It’ll make cleaning up after the meal easier.

3. Make a Schedule

Every kitchen needs a thorough cleaning at least a couple of times a month. Make a kitchen deep clean part of your cleaning schedule.

If you get in the habit of giving your kitchen a deep cleaning every other weekend, it will rarely get out of control.

4. Know Your Surfaces

No rational homeowner or renter wants damage in their kitchen. Make sure you know what kind of surfaces you’re dealing with so you don’t damage them.

For example, bleach will damage marble, vinyl, and laminate.

5. Cleaning Services

Despite more people working from home than ever, many adults still feel time-starved. It’s especially difficult to carve out time for things like kitchen cleaning if your kids participate in lots of activities.

In cases like that, you can often turn to a pro cleaning service to help you manage problem areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Your Kitchen

Getting the most out of the kitchen cleaning tips above starts with understanding your cleaning needs. If you’re constantly moving things in your kitchen, you probably need decluttering more than anything else.

If you wash dishes by hand, then cleaning as you go will help you a lot. If you do okay on the day-to-day stuff but can’t remember the last time you managed a deep clean in your kitchen, getting some help is probably your best move.

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