Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-04-27T10:19:10-04:00
How do I pay for the services?2022-04-26T15:41:30-04:00

We require a credit card to be on file, but you can pay by check or cash in lieu of charging the card.

Do you charge the card immediately after the card is on file?2022-04-26T15:42:08-04:00

No, we do not charge the card until the services are completed.

What if a technician breaks something while cleaning?2022-04-26T15:42:41-04:00

Rest assured, ECO Clean Ellie’s is fully insured.

How many cleaners do you send out?2022-04-26T15:43:04-04:00

For the initial clean we will send a team to suit your home’s needs. For recurring services, you will have 1 technician. We strive to keep the same cleaner every time so they know your home and can provide the best possible service.

Who will be cleaning my home?2022-04-26T15:43:35-04:00

All our cleaners are well trained, highly rated, and thoroughly vetted. We conduct background checks, in-person interviews, and paid training for every employee, so we know they will do a great job for you. The day before each cleaning, you will receive a confirmation email with the name and a photograph of the cleaning technician scheduled for that visit.

What is the difference between Initial Cleaning and Recurring Cleaning?2022-04-26T15:44:02-04:00

Initial cleaning means we are getting your home up to our high standards so that we can provide consistent service going forward. Recurring cleaning means that we will maintain the high quality clean on a regular basis.

Can you clean everything?2022-04-26T15:44:31-04:00

While our cleaning technicians work hard to make your home sparkle, there are limits to what we can do with set-in stains or certain textured or porous surfaces, such as fabrics, wood,
shower doors, bathtubs, grout, countertops, etc. We will clean these surfaces as thoroughly as possible but be aware that they might not appear as visually clean as other surfaces. If your home has hard water with a high mineral content, it may have created permanent mineral stains or build-up, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee removal of all hard water deposits. In addition, there are some things that we do not clean.

Do you accept tips?2022-04-26T15:44:49-04:00

Tips are not expected but are greatly appreciated by our hardworking professionals.

If I have already had service with another company, do I have to do an initial clean?2022-04-26T15:45:11-04:00

We will do a walkthrough estimate to evaluate your home and determine if a Deluxe Clean is necessary.

Do you offer carpet cleaning?2022-04-26T15:45:29-04:00

Yes. We use the Bissel Mean Green Professional machine. Carpet cleaning is priced separately than the clean.

Do you used organic or eco-friendly cleansers?2022-04-26T15:45:51-04:00

Yes, we offer full organic cleaning as well as eco-friendly. We can customize our products to fit your needs. We do not use bleach products at all.

Do you provide the products and equipment?2022-04-26T15:46:15-04:00

Yes, we provide everything. If you have a special product such as Bona that you use on your floors, we ask that you provide that as we do not carry that product.

Are there any cleaning tasks that you will not perform?2022-04-26T15:46:35-04:00

Due to health and safety regulations, we cannot clean areas containing biohazard waste such as animal or human waste or urine.

What time will my cleaning take place?2022-04-26T15:46:55-04:00

Our technicians start as early as 8am. They will be given a window of 30 minutes from your assigned time to start as they may run over on their first clean.

Do I need to be at home while the cleaning is performed?2022-04-26T15:47:19-04:00

This is entirely up to you. Most of our customers are not at home during their cleanings, which is why we ask for the lockbox, key or code us to have access while the clients away.

What if I need to cancel my cleaning? Do you have a cancellation fee?2022-04-26T15:47:38-04:00

If we are notified within 48 hours there is no cancellation fee. If you must cancel in less than 48 hours, a 50% fee will be charged to pay the cleaner for lost wages.

What do I need to do to get ready for the cleaning?2022-04-26T15:48:14-04:00

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you, but a little help from you will go a long way toward getting the perfect clean. Before we arrive, please pick up excess clutter, move any fragile items out of the way, and empty the sinks so that our cleaning technicians can safely access all the surfaces in your home. If there is excess clutter, we will clean around your possessions rather than move them.

During the summer months, it is important that our technicians be able to work in safe temperatures. Please be aware that they may set the air conditioning to as low as 78 degrees
Fahrenheit while working in your home and will reset it to your preferred setting before they leave.

Other than that, just secure any pets and make sure that we will be able to enter your home at the scheduled date and time. We know what to do after that!

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